Advanced Role Playing

So you want to make a character, and you have some pretty good ideas about what you want. But if you would like to make a more fleshed out and well-rounded character, try some of the things listed below!

Before starting these questions, take as much time as you need to jot down details and ideas about your character. Just write down whatever you want, or already know. It’s better to go through this list with something already decided, than to go through it blank.

Also, not ALL of this is necessary, so skip the stuff you don’t care about/don’t need.

  1. Print out my Player-Character Worksheet
  2. Go open up Ash’s Character Guide, and start reading through it. As you go, fill in the sheet, and jot down notes or ideas. Scribble on the back, do portraits, etc.
  3. Write down whatever you like, take notes, come up with cool histories, etc.

Group/Game Dynamics

Here’s the link to our Group Questions. These questions will determine the kind of game that we’ll be playing, and our expectations for that game. You don’t need to print/fill this out, but you might want to read over it and get some ideas about what you want. This is just to make sure we’re all on the Same Page.

A couple more things to think about:

  • Who else in the group do you get along with(as a character, AND as a player)?
  • Who else has similar goals and play styles as you?
  • Who has different or conflicting goals?
  • How will you act when things don’t go your way?

How to be a Good Player

Go read this list of 11 Ways to Be a Better Roleplayer. The ones I most emphasize are numbers One, Three, Ten, and Eleven. Everything else is good, but those 4 make it into the “Necessity” category for my games.

If you want more info about tabletop games in general, This Website has links and info FOR DAYS! Let me know if you have any more questions! And for info on specific types of roleplaying games, feel free to read my Player Guides.