Dungeon World Player’s Intro

Hello Friends! If you’re reading this, then you’ll be playing in a Dungeon World game. This document will be a quick review and primer on how to play, how to make a character, and what you can expect from my games.

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First of all, if you haven’t played a TabletopRPG game before, don’t worry. It’s simply group story-telling. All of us in the group will contribute and add to the story as it unfolds before us. There are no right or wrong answers, and there’s no pressure. It’s easier than it sounds, and will be more like sitting around the campfire telling stories to each other, than like playing a video game.

Character Creation

When we first start playing, we’ll take 15-20 minutes to make your character. This is the persona you will be pretending to be during the game. Your character will have a Class, which is what they are really good at. Classes have names like “Dashing Hero” “Thief”, “Archer”, “Healer”, “Barbarian”, etc. Your class is THE most important aspect of your character, and will affect how you play the game.

Skip to the end of this blog post to see a list of the Classes I have available.


There will be dice…lots of dice!

Besides their class, feel free to make your character as similar or different from real-life-you as you like. Give them a funny accent, come up with a dark past, or do whatever you want. Draw inspiration from your favorite characters in games or TV shows. Keep in mind, you will be pretending to be them, so try to come up with something fun or interesting. For more guidance and crafting your character, check this out.

For good advice on playing in a role-playing game, this a good guide to follow, especially rules 1, 3, and 10. Don’t worry about this too much, just come to the table with some neat ideas for the kind of character you’d like to play.

How to Play

1. You tell the GM (me) what you want to try to do.
Good Examples:

  • Player: “I draw my sword, dodge past the arrows fired at me, and slash my weapon at his feet!”
  • Player: “I’m going to try and sneak behind her.”
  • Player: “I’m going to grab this rope here, swing myself off the side of the ship, circle around, swing back through the opposite window, and crash down on top of the vampire.”

2. I will tell you if it’s possible, if it makes sense, or ask for clarification. I’m a really flexible guy, so almost anything goes, as long as it makes sense and fits within the story.
Good Examples:

  • GM: “Awesome! You will have to roll once to dodge the arrows, and once to attack the monster. Go for it!”
  • GM: “ooh, sneaky! If you manage to sneak behind her and roll high enough, you’ll have access to the wizard’s magic chest!”
  • GM: “Whoa! alright, that is a complicated maneuver, and may require several turns to complete. Is that alright, or do you want to try something simpler?”

Bad Examples:

  • Player: “I want to kill John’s character.”
    GM: “Well, you really shouldn’t attack other players. You’re in a group after all.”
  • Player: “I want to pull out my secret spell that kills everything in the room.”
    GM: “You don’t have any kind of spell like that. Try to come up with something that fits within the story.”

3. Roll some dice, and see what happens. There are always three outcomes to every action:

  • Complete Success: You did the thing! everything went as planned, and you pulled off the task.
  • Partial Success: You did complete your task, but there was an unintended side effect, or something went wrong.
  • Failure: You did not complete your attempted task, and something went wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

4. I will tell you about the outcome of your action, and the game will continue.


My toolkit for a good game.

The World of Dungeon World

Dungeon world usually takes place in a (fairly) traditional fantasy universe. Think Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or even some King Arthur legends. There is magic, spells, wizards, strange creatures, demons, gods, and many many adventures just waiting to be embarked upon.

I’ll usually include some Steampunkish stuff (airships, crossbows, etc) and may even drop some advanced technology in there (lazerz, alienz, transporterz). I’ll let you know more about your specific game and setting when we start playing.

What I Need From You

I’ll provide everything you need to play. I do need a few things from you:

  1. Let me know of your top 2-3 class choices a few days in advance, so I can have those sheets printed out and ready for you. Otherwise you’ll have to choose from whatever I’ve got laying around.
  2. Eat beforehand, or bring money/snacks/food if you plan on eating during the game. I may have some popcorn, but no promises.
  3. Show up on time. If you arrive 30 mins late, I’ll have to cut down the story, and things will feel rushed or unsatisfying. It usually take about 4 hours to play through a game. That may sound like a long time, but it goes by really fast when you’re engaged and having fun!
  4. Respect me (the GM), the other players, and the rules. Nothing ruins a game like arguments or hurtful comments.

That’s it! You’re ready to play! Pick a class from below, maybe jot down some character ideas to bring with you, and I will see you on Game Night!

Available Classes

Class Name Source/Origin Description
Alchemist Pirate Make potions that can be helpful or harmful, and either drink them yourself, or throw them at others. This class is very flexible.
Allomancer Custom Power yourself with vials of metal, and gain amazing abilities. Based on Brian Sanderson’s Mistborn book series.
Artificer Drivethru Make gadgets, tinker with tech, and let your imagination go wild. Another highly customizable class.
Assassin Drivethru Scope out your target, accept bounties, and prep for the ultimate kill. Focuses a lot on contracts, preparation, etc. Think Assassin’s Creed
Barbarian Core You know what is greatest in your life. See your enemies driven before you, seize their property, and hear the lamentations of their women (or men).
Bard Core A master of Lore and Song, you empower your friends while harming your enemies.
Battlemaster Grim A Master Strategist, you control the battlefield and lead your companions to victory. Set a lot of traps, and make a lot of plans.
Berserker Drivethru Go into a berserk rage at the risk of your very life, and and destroy everything in your way. Do more damage with higher risk.
Blackguard Drivethru A darker version of the Knight.
Brute Pirate For when you need to hit a person with another person. You are HUGE, strong, and like to smash things.
Captain Inverse You have a ship, a crew, and absolute freedom. Outside of your vessel, you’re nothing special, but behind the wheel, you are formidable!
Channeler Grim Your body is the dam holding back a roiling force of magic. You damage your body when you use your magic, but it’s so powerful, you don’t even care.
Charlatan Drivethru You’re a con-man, a trickster, and above all, a winner. Lies, deception, and magic are your tools.
Cleric Core Call upon your God for help, healing, and dishing out the damage.
Collector Inverse All you have is your collection of strange stuff. It always seems to come in handy just when you need it.
Dancer Far East Remix Graceful, elegant, and enticing, you can encourage your friends, interact skillfully with others, and weave magic into your performances
Dashing Hero Drivethru Destined to be a hero, you move with grace and style everywhere, dancing about your opponents and laughing confidently! Also seducing and charming every man (or woman) you see.
Druid Core Change into animals, channel nature, and protect the life you care about.
Dungeoneer Drivethru You were almost certainly born in a tomb, and are an expert with traps, navigating tunnels, and surviving underground.
Dusteater Warfare You are like one of the dead, and hold onto life just long enough to complete your final mission. Until then. you are alive in name only.
Dwarf Classic Your people are of the stone: strong, dependable, and driven.
Earthling Planet You’re a visitor to this strange place, and you’re driven to discover what is going on, and how you can best benefit.
Elf Classic You have access to the ancient power of your people, and are at one with the forests of your origin.
Engine Planet You are a killer robot, built to destroy. You don’t know the meaning of love.
Fanatic Pirate You know that you have been called to do what is right, and whether that requires killing, manipulating crowds, or converting those around you, you will do what it takes.
Fighter Core Choose your special weapon, give it some enhancements, and kill things.
Fool Drivethru You are an idiot, but you have the most incredible luck! Whenever you do something stupid, it always seems to work out for the best.
Golem Inverse You were built to be strong, built to destroy, and built to obey. Another in the group controls you to a certain extent. Choose your master wisely.
Halfling Classic Although you may be small, you’re strength comes from within and is neverending. Sneak, smoothtalk, and throw stones.
Immolator Core Fire….FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE. Make weapons of fire, control fire, and discover what burns in the hearts of others.
Lantern Inverse Control light, form weapons, and lead the rest of the group through dark places. Kinda like Green Lantern, but a little different.
Mechanic Inverse You have built an IronMan like suit, and as long as it doesn’t break down, you’re pretty much unstoppable.
Medic DriveThru Imagine if a modern day doctor only had Middle Earth tools available. Your brilliance is limited by the time and the tools you have.
Monk DriveThru Choose a path (silence, honor, etc.), master your own body, and channel your energy through amazing kicks and punches.
Monk Far East Remix Customize your fighting style, and how you use it to impact those around you. (more focus on combat than the above Monk).
Monster Hunter Misc Study monsters, learn their moves, and discover the best ways to take them down. Their trophies will add to your strength.
Mutant Planet Alter your body, learn new abilities, and grow and evolve constantly.
Necromancer Grim Raise corpses, control dead monsters, and graft necrotic flesh to yourself and increase your power!
Ninja Far East Remix Make poisons, stay hidden in the shadows, and set traps.
Paladin Core Wear armor, make vows, and devote yourself to a righteous cause, gaining power as long as you pursue that path.
Pirate Pirate Avast Ye Hearties! Draw your pistols and swing from the rigging!
Pit Fighter Drivethru Who needs weapons? A gentlemen engages in fisticuffs! Perform combos, entertain the crowd, and keep to Queensbury rules.
Priest Alternative A more magic-focused version of the Cleric, with more customizability.
Princess Drivethru Play as a Disney Princess…no really!
Rainlord Inverse Your body is made of water, and you can use it to attack, hide, or help your allies.
Ranger Core You are the master of the bow, and have an animal companion.
Samurai Far East Remix Wear armor, make vows, and devote yourself to a righteous cause, gaining power as long as you pursue that path.
Skirmisher Inverse You choose one other person to be your fighting friend, and they help you perform your maneuvers.
Sky Dancer Inverse You are like a leaf on the wind, dancing, cutting, sneaking ,etc
Spellslinger Drivethru You don’t know or care how your magic works. All you care is that you point the wand, and things catch fire. Think Clint Eastwood with Magic.
Street Rat Drivethru You are quick, nimble, and know the city both inside and out.
Survivor Inverse You have had a VERY dark past, and the only reason you live is because everyone else has died.
Swordmage Drivethru Bind spells to your sword, and unleash them in battle. Lost of cool spells to choose from, but you must get close to use them.
Technician Planet You can make lots of many useful one-time use machines. Kinda like a mechanical wizard.
Templar Alternative Imagine a Paladin that wasn’t religious, but used the power of his station to enact justice anyway.
Thief Core Hide in the shadows, make poisons, etc.
Thief City Misc The thief with less poison, and more stealth.
Walker Inverse You can walk on walls, giving you a unique perspective on the world and those around you.
Warrior Misc You follow a warriors code, and as long as you keep to it, you power gets ever stronger.
Wizard Core You’re a wizard! cast spells, avoid swords, and learn magic! cool!