Plan for Mythic Mortals

Alrighty! Here’s my plan for Mythic Mortals, my new and upcoming game!

Come Jan 2nd (My Birthday!) I will release the Beta Kit of MM on DriveThruRPG. It will be available for $2! Purchasing this will get you:

  • Monthly updates to the rules, new classes as they come out, and bi-monthly content
  • Adentures and monsters
  • A free copy of the final PDF, when the game is done (see timeline below)
  • And I will come to you FIRST when I need advice, guidance, or playtests

Release Schedule (Tentative!)

Jan 2015

  • Release the Public Beta v1.0, includes
  • Basic Rules and GM advice
  • Brute and Hunter Archetypes
  • Intro Adventure and Monsters

Jan 15th

  • Mystic Archetype

Feb 1st

  • 2 More Adventures and monsters
  • One set 20 years after the Event
  • Another set in 200 AD

Feb 15th

  • Stormrider Archetype
  • Advice on Creating your own archetypes
  • Advice on Creating your own Monsters, encounters, and adventures
  • Open submission for fan-made content!
March 1st

  • Beta release of entire book
  • GM advice
  • expanded explanations
  • Creature creator
  • And much more!

April 1st

  • April FOOLS!
  • release the Fool Archetype
  • A silly, light-hearted adventure

April 15th

  • Try to get some artwork, define layout, create printable version (ARTWORK AUGH!)

May 1st

  • Oh man, this will be awesome!