200 Word RPG Challenge [2015]

The 200 Word RPG Contest didn’t start out as a contest, but simply as a fun exercise to force me to finish a game I was working on at the time. However, a lot of people picked up on it, and jumped right in. Soon, I had over 150 submissions! It was so incredible to see the amazing games that people came up with. I highly encourage you to read as many as you can, winners or no. The original prompt for the contest was:

“Design a Tabletop RPG, Setting, Hack, Expansion,
or whatever in 200 words or less.”

Thanks to some hard work from Rickard Elimää,
you can download all of the entries in this
handy-dandy PDF!

(It’s pretty big, so you may want right click –> save as) 


1st Place: Escape Pod One
By Stephanie Bryant
2nd Place LOVEINT
By Nick Wedig
3rd Place All Fall Down
By Ryan Ó Laoithe


All finalists are listed in alphabetical order.

The Argument was Loud
By Scott Slomiany
 The Artifact of Ashana
By Marcin Kuczynski
By  Emily Care Boss
By Aaron Shelton
  Defective Robot Philosophers
By Ben Klug
By J. Walton
The Door 
By Johanna Nyberg Hamrén
The Duel
By Joshua Fox
By Jason Westbrook
The Election
By Andrew Law
Force-Blade Punk
By Grant Howitt
Freedom of Destiny
By Branogan McHawke
 History Lesson
By Edward Turner
By Daniel Comerci
 The Locust People
By Jamil Vallis-Walker
Money Talks
By Dylan Nix
No Sleep Tonight
By Tim Wolfe
 Pre-Character Generation Detail
By D. Jarrod Shaw
Republic Serial
By Piers Beckley
By Moyra Turkington
 Road Running
By Juan Manuel Avila
By Remko van der Pluijm
Sherlock Holmes
is an Asshole

By Eric Farmer
 The Silent Dungeon
By Davide Pignedoli
Tabula Rasa
By Dabney Bailey
 The Treaty
By Peter T. Collett
 Two Words
By Zack Johnson
Vikings Having Feelings
By Joe Greathead
What Happened at the Prom
By  Elizabeth Lovegrove


Joe Banner : who does some amazing work through his Patreon, and releases a ton of high quality adventures for free! Keith Mageau : A fellow Charlestonian, he’s currently organizing Stormcon2015 down here in the south!
Kat Murphy : co-host of One-Shot; she’s got a lot of experience with rpgs and one-shots (obviously!) Marshall Miller : An experienced game designer, he hosts a group of micro-games on his own site; and he’s eager to dive into this contest.
As If : aka Tod Foley of As If Productions, designer of numerous games both old-school and modern. A well-known “Auteur GM”, he enjoys games that push the boundaries of role-playing into deep territory. Rickard Elimää : Rickard has done a lot of impressive work on the philosophy and study of games. I always picture him behind a podium with a large chalkboard behind him.

And me, of course, but you probably already know all about me.

Apology Pack:

The below entries were entered into the competition, but were not included in the final submissions list due to my oversight and carelessness. They have been listed here as a recompense, and to ensure they get their proper exposure.

Memo From Corporate
By Mike Quintanilla
By Nathan Harrison
Test Seven
By Steve Segedy
Make the Call
By David Hertz
Big Foot
By Gabriel Nuñez Mariosa
Bluebeard’s Bride’s
Daughter’s Psychiatric Evaluation
By John Kipling Lewis

All Submissions:

By default, all submissions are protected under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Up to 3 entries are permitted per entrant. Ordered by most recently submitted.

 The Thief
By Martin Ralya
Darkest Days
By Tyler Denning
By Ralph Lovegrove
Psychophobia 16 Types of People
By AJ Brown
 Action Team Fight
By Rob Abrazado
Private Treasures
By Blaise Muller
 Landing Party
By Jeremy VanSchalkwyk
 The SignalThe Encounter
The Journey

By Birmingham Brown
Drunkens and Flagons
By Rutskarn 
Hellroad 666 – The Passenger
By Sébastien Haller and Damien Rancoule
By Jackson Tegu
Let’s go Out Tonight
– Carnivàle Orpheo
By Orion Cooper
The StruggleTurning
By Dylan Nix
Chuck Norris vs Cancer
By  Grégory Pogorzelski
Paths to Glory
By Larry Spiel
Wicked Blades
of the Blood Forest
By Ivan Vaghi
Hyenas Resistance
By Kordian Krawczyk
By Kris Newton
Puzzle Lock
By D. Jarrod Shaw
Playing Deaf About Anna
By  DeDGarel Kanih
 Can’t Hack it on Your Own
By Darcy Boyd
Japanese Office
Roll Three Dice 
By Christopher Stone-Bush
 Dream Logic
By Cameron Mount
The Raver and the Bear
By  Colin Fahrion
Cut and Paste – Virus 
By Caitlynn Belle
Fudge Lite
By abcd_z
Rapid Resolution
By Andy Newton
By Joe J
Dice Heist
By Amanda Lunder
 Sturm und Drang
By Abstract Machine
  Heroes’ Role
By Glenn Loos-Austin
No Better – Collaboration
By William H. Duryea
When Heroes FallForge
By Dabney Bailey
 I need help
By Joshua A. Hockaday
Bandits! Bandits!
They Arrive!

By Aleksandra Sontowska
Lonely Adventurer
By Davide Pignedoli
By Okrim Nemir
 The Killing
By Kamil Wegrynowicz
 Troubled Together
By Ville Pelkonen
The Council of Advisors 
– Corporate Memo – Bully
By Jamie O’Marr
By Tom Hatfield
Pocket Change 
By Alex Lunder
 Annalers of the Skein
By Stephen Dewey
 The End of an Epic
By Jacob Olson
Dream Logic
By Cameron Mount
 UST: Unresolved Sexual Tension
Epistolary Richard
 Mage Dog School
By Jeremy Kostiew
By Davide Cavalli
 Suicide of an Archmage
Good Luck Have Fun
By Branogan McHawke
 Capes and Crooks
By Patrick Brennan
By Bradley Evans
 Seepage – OSRish
Sweet Success

By Kirt Dankmyer
Teenage Legend
By Pierre Valade
By David Andrieux
By Jake Cooper
 Mouscapade – Darkish
By Anthony Deaver
 Stickup Boyz
By Luzelli
 Afternoon Sci-Fi Movie Hour
By Mark Van Vlack
By Steffan O’Sullivan
By Kevin Rice
 Children’s Crusade – Beastmaster
– Mutant Wrasslin
Vance Atkins
 Revenge of the RPG Geeks
By BeePeeGee
 Angry Ghosts
By Gabriel Nuñez Mariosa
 Lonely Adventurer
By Davide Pignedoli
Always Chaotic Evil
By Edward Turner
 Going Yellow
By Yragaël Malbos
 Three Traits
– Mutant Vigilantes

– Flame Within Mist
By Brian Ashford
 Escaping the Collective
By Joseph F. Russo
The Resurrectionists
By Jack Young
We Were Here Mayflower
By Osmond Arnesto
You Cross a Doorway
By Cyril Pasteau
 Sailing the Seas of Tees
By Jen Seiden Sadler
A Horror Game
By Heather Silsbee
By K Willey
Don’t Move – Keep Quiet
By Christopher Lazenbatt
A Word from on High
By Kevin McIntyre
Frozen-Fabie Fernandez
By Fabien Fernandez
Axolotl Axiology
By Wendy Gorman
Very Satiated Chrysalides
By Andrew Bailey
 Birth of Dragons
By Susanne Vejdemo
By Carlos Luna Mota
 Pub Crawling
By Quentin Picart
By Stephen Danic
 Provenance – NanoRegent
By Jim White
Maya Deren Discotheque
By Evan Torner
Last Star Burning
By Jaye Foster
The Dilemma
By Oscar Schoen
Herobreaker – Quest in Beast
By Ben Klug
Infinite Conquest
Rubber Freedom

By Sean Fager
World of Heroes
By Max Bantleman
Master & Minion
Circles & Changes
Secrets to Fail 

By Martín Van Houtte
Not Chaos Magic(Really!)
By Ole Peder Giæver
Doomed Lover
– Children of the Witch
– Nothing Ever Ends
By Robert Carnel
  Witch Hunt
Good Times in Granite Gulch
By Jason Mical
 Robot Ranger
– Roam and Run

By Eric Nieudan
By Dustin R.
 1d12 Nemesis – JACK – StarHack
By Edcrab
A Better Person
By Ben Lehman
By Francesco Zani
By Jess Gulbranson
Six Heroes
By Daniel Sutter
RPG of Three
By Tom Walker
World Builder Dice Killer
By Jacob Lindsay
Bring the Awesome
By Brian Engard
By Chris Olson
Reliquary – Redacted
By Michael Wenman
Privilege – Comfort
By Tobias Strauss
By Aaron Shelton
 Fire Elixir
By Jackie Tremaine
Second Chances
By Doug Ruff
By David Schirduan
Agents of ChangeSaturday Morning
Soviet Spacewolves 
By William Maldonado
By Carl Nash
Punks and Poseurs
Nineties Hacking

By Brian G. Johnston
By Mikael Andersson
Shadowlight Myth of Truth
By Craig Hatler
Make Believe
By Mick Reddick
Coarse Light System
By Peter Kisner
Prayer for Peace
By David Rothfeder
Happy Lives – Angel Food
By Adam McConnaughey
 Paper Masters
By Brent Newhall
Drag Queens on Space
By Fagner Lima
You Are A Toy!
By Andy Davis
Calvin’s Dungeon
By Eric Simon
Moon Mage
By Stephanie Bryant
Restaurant 666
By Sen Hiriyama
 Noughts and Crosses
By Daniel Charlton
By Matt Sutton
Forlorn Hope
By Alex Gwilt-cox

Slay You Imperfect Speakers
By Sean Smith

By Ian Horne
Zero State
By Kaare Berg

By Word and Deed – To Reign in Hell
By Mel White

By Lukasz Kolodziej
Backyard Adventures
Time Cops Gone Wild

By  Jay Shaffstall

Reasons and Powers – Now What?
By Tara Zuber

By John Kipling Lewis
Poet Beats
By Paul Gregory

Before the Convention
By Paul Mitchener

By Stew Wilson
Tiny Grimoires
By Abram Bussiere

Amateurs At Work
By Øivind Stengrundet


Murdered – Exchequer
By Anonymous
Walk the Fire Road – Awaken
Saviors of the Universe

By Charon MacDonald

The Lost and Found Central
By Are Riksaasen

 Chopping Block
By Catreece MacLeod
By Matthew Bannock

Falconscry – Bladeslinger Imaginative
By Kyrinn S. Eis

Holding On
By Morgan Davie 
By Joel Dettweiler
Anomalistic Extrasensory Techniques
for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

By Nick Wedig
They Hate Me!
By Gordon Landis

Prizes :

Prizes have been donated by fellow designers and members of the community.

6 Randomly Chosen
Entrants will receive:
• A PDF copy of the ENTIRE Lumpley Games Library by Vincent Baker
The Top 3 Finalists will receive: • A PDF of “Con’s Prial” by Sean Smith
• A PDF of “Hunters of Alexandria” by  Paul Mitchener
• A PDF copy of “Dungeon World” by Sage Kobold
• A PDF copy of the ENTIRE Lumpley Games Library by Vincent Baker
The Top 2 Finalists will receive • A PDF of James Wallis‘ “Baron Munchausen
The Winner will receive: • A PDF of Grant Howitt’s recently kickstarted “Goblin Quest
• A PDF of Nathan D. Paoletta’s microgames library
• A PDF of “Itras By” from Vagrant Workshop
• Free enrollment in the Faster Combat