Why you should try Mythic Mortals

Mythic Mortals is something that I’ve been working on for over a year, and it’s finally out in the wild, with a big expansion on the way! I’ve created sort of “500 Word Pitch” to summarize why you might want to try it.

Please note that what follows is shameless self promotion, and will last until I can find someone else to promote this game.

Mythic Mortals is Fast

  • Fast to read. Only 20 pages long, MM won’t take more than 30 minutes to read in its entirety.
  • MM is also fast to learn, and once you’ve read the manual, you can explain the game and the rules in about 5 minutes.
  • Built for players to jump right into the game, since character Creation only requires players to pick a player Mat, no pencils, no math.
  • MM Plays fast; each player plays as themselves in the real world. Everyone knows where they are, they know the surrounding environment; no backstory necessary.
  • Combat is quick and over-the-top. Simple rules, interesting power combinations, and quick monster-creation allow combat to move at a brisk pace, never dragging or slowing down. Each action only requires one roll, and movement isn’t tracked closely enough to slow people down.
  • Sessions can wrap up quickly. Your group can play MM as a short, 30-minute session and still have a satisfying fight, some role-playing, and a wrap-up. MM Can also be explored to it’s full potential over a handful of 4-hour sessions.

In other words, it’s the perfect game if your regular Pathfinder group is missing a player, and everyone just wanted to beat up monsters for an hour. It also works well for Convention games, or any other situation where time is a major factor.

Built for Combat

Combat is the core of Mythic Mortals, and doesn’t have any additional fiddly bits tacked on. It knows what it is, and it focuses on one thing: over-the-top action movie fight scenes. Powers are barely balanced, monsters are over-powered, and every conflict involves players tossed into dangerous and exciting situations.

Combat is Fluid and Stays Fresh

What I mean by “Fluid” is that PCs weapons, abilities, and stats are constantly fluctuating and shifting. Characters change in mid-combat, switching from long-range snipers to close-up brawlers. Player’s have some control over these shifts, but not completely. Combat stays fresh when your weapons, environment, abilities, and stats are constantly shifting.

Mythic Mortals is Hackable

Mythic Mortals will include .doc versions of the Player Mats, making it easy for you to make your own modifications, custom playmats, and even sell your own products for MM. It’s all released under the Creative Commons license, and has been created for the community from the very beginning.

Mythic Mortals Needs YOU!

In order to make MM a better game, people need to try it out, play it, tell me what sucks and what works. I plan to constantly update this game over the next year or so, polishing it until it shines! I hope you enjoy MM as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. Help me make it better, and have fun!

Download Mythic Mortals here.

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