Designer Currency

It’s no secret that tabletop game design falls more into the “Hobby” category and less into the “Viable Career” category. Every designer has their own motivations for making games: artistic expression through design, innovative game system, helping others tell stories, or simply bringing joy into the lives of others.

For me, that last one may not always be my primary motivation, but it is quickly becoming my preferred currency. Allow me to explain. When I sell a copy of my game, that feel great! I made some pizza money, and someone else has a cool game, win-win. But the thing I truly treasure is the stories of people who played and enjoyed my games.

These stories are more valuable than gold, and I treasure each and every single one! If you’ve ever enjoyed a game that someone made, please send them a short twitter/email/G+ message telling them about it. They will never forget it, and it will encourage them to keep making amazing games!

Please share some of your own favorite stories in the comments below! I’d love to hear about people who enjoyed your games/adventures.

Here are some of my treasures:

I was running an early version of Mythic Mortals at a small local convention. A brother and sister (teens) were willing to try it out, so ran a quick combat for them. 3/4 of the way through, their parents came to pick them up and the family went to lunch. An hour later, the whole family (three kids, two parents) came back and wanted to try it out. They all had a blast, even the father who didn’t really like RPGs. They were beaming when the game ended, and said they never had found a game they could all play together, and immediately bought a copy online to play at home.

v9GXitLKintsugi was a small little game that I’m very proud of, but it was quickly eclipsed by the 200 Word RPG challenge, and I let it sit for a while. Out of the blue I got a message from someone on Reddit:

“Hey dude, just wanted to tell you that Kintsugi is still getting played. Mostly for one-shots at events, and everyone that has played it loves it. Even better everyone who has played it still knows the rules. Awesome game dude. Oh, and this was the advertisment for one of the event a month ago :)” (image shown on the right)


CgHQ6fxW4AAY_rpThis image of two designers that I respect and admire playing Mythic Mortals. Be still my heart!




There are many more stories, but some of them are for me alone :) Don’t forget to encourage your favorite designers and artists! If they’re anything like me, it would mean a lot to them.