Kindle and Steam: Taking my money

While the past few months have been consumed by Mythic Mortals, I still find time to relax and enjoy myself. Over the past few months I’ve been waffling between Steam, which is a video game store and platform, and Kindle, an Amazon e-reader. Both of these have encouraged me to read more and play more, but for the opposite reasons. Let me explain:

Steam: Cheap and Slow

For those who don’t know, Steam is not only a store, but a digital game library. You can purchase a game on Steam, and always have access to it from multiple computers. You can install it, or delete it, but they will always be available in your library, just a short download away…kinda short anyways.

On the positive side, Steams sales, deals, and constant low prices have allowed my wife and I to afford WAY more games than we normally could. The downside is the some of the larger video games can take 4-5 hours to download. This helps me avoid impulse buys, and is better for my wallet, but it’s definitely kept me away from some games that I would have otherwise been interested in.

Games I’ve been playing on Steam:

Kindle: Affordable and Fast

Opposite of Steam, kindle books don’t offer nearly as much of a discount. Most kindle books are 2-3 dollars cheaper than their paperback versions, if that. The benefit of kindle is the near instant downloads of new books, and the terrifying ease of purchasing more.

I’ll be in bed, about 10 minutes from falling asleep and finish the book I’ve been reading. We all know that sad, empty feeling that follows a really good book. As I mourn the end of a fantastic book, my kindle flashes, and a little message pops up:

Buy the next book in the series right now! Here’s a minor discount. We’re already connected to your account. Just click this button and keep on reading!

I am powerless against this kind of marketing. Coincidentally, I’ve been reading a LOT of new books:

  • Emporer’s Edge – Great steampunk heist series. 9 books long!
  • The Expanse – Interesting sci-fi series with a lot of real-world physics. Space is extremely dangerous and hostile, no aliens needed.
  • Mistborn – An intricate magic system and fantastic twists and turns.
  • Kingkiller Chronicles – Some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read.
  • Atlantis Gene – Has a sort of Cthulhu, Ancient Secrets type of vibe.
  • Jack Reacher – A modern noir detective.
  • Dresden Files – A modern magical noir detective. Harry Potter grows up to become magical Sam Spade.

Between Kindle and Steam, my life has been full of fun media to keep me engaged. I would encourage you check out both of these incredible services, with the caveat that you may spend more money than you intended!

Proceed with caution!