B is for Blinded

Every day (for the next 26 days) I’ll feature a 200 Word RPG along with some musings and comments. View the whole alphabet here.

Today we’re looking at Blinded from Jim Rennie in the 2016 challenge.

This entry piqued my interest because it reminded me of my wife. She has a very sensitive facial memory. If I shave my beard or cut my hair it takes her a day or two before she grows accustomed to it.

It would be interesting to play Blinded with some a tight-knit gaming group. You would still have your memories, but you wouldn’t remember what your friends or family members looked like. How weird would that be? You could drive to your office, but wouldn’t know your co-workers.

I would play this as a twilight-zone kind of mystery game and have the players try to track down what happened. Maybe you need to borrow your sister’s car, but you don’t know what she looks like, or your friend works at the news station, etc.

Very clever way to make the familiar seem alien and threatening.