D is for Deicide

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This one’s a supplement from the 2016 challenge, not a full game. Little supplements like these are interesting because you can use them with whatever system you choose, they aren’t self-contained.

Deicide by Edcrab pitches a novel idea: The players are dying Gods, getting weaker and weaker as the game progresses.

“It’s true that you can smite a dragon with little effort. But now you’d find it so draining that you might not ever be able to do it again.”

I really like this idea, but I think the challenge lies in finding the right group for such a game. Most people can find some engagement with growing stronger and gaining new abilities. Less people are enamored with the idea of doomed failure and gradual despair.

Still I think for the right group this could be a blast, especially framed within a specific goal the players must accomplish before passing. “Defeat the 5 Dragons of Esther” for example. The first one will be a joke. The second one will be difficult. The third will be a serious challenge, the fourth will be impossible, and the fifth will kill you.

As for game systems, I’d look to Mythender, Dragon’s Wrath, and Mythic Mortals for examples and inspiration.