E is for Emperor’s Revelry

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Emperor’s Revelry by Keith Kelley takes the Baron Munchausen formula and adds a GM-like character. The Emperor is the key to making this game work.

The Emperor must find the right balance between generous and cruel. Too cruel and no one will make it. Too generous and everyone will make it. I think it would be best to play the Emperor as a wildly unpredictable Child God King. Kinda like the Joker. You never know what will set him off, or what they will adore.

In fact, I might take it further and have each player write down 1 or 2 things that the emperor hates. In the end you might have a list like this: Anger, cups, the color blue, clear skies, cats, and high-pitched voices.

Each player knows of a few things, but no one knows everything. I can see a game like this being a blast with the right kind of Emperor.