F is for Family Matters~

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I really love these competitive storytelling games. Family Matters by Khaled Naib is one such game, one that begs for a minor tweak.

Having one player be the Donna (Mafia Boss) and judge the other players is really clever. I love the idea of players competing to one-up each other and impress the Donna. And Family Matters as written delivers that pretty well.

But aside from the stories told, the Donna has no way to know which players put a loyal/disloyal card on the table. How I would fix this is with a grudge token. Each player begins with a number of grudge tokens that they can spend to basically talk smack about other players.

At the beginning of each round the Donna leaves, or closes their eyes and the players show one another the cards they are going to play. The other players know who is being disloyal/loyal, but the Donna doesn’t. While telling stories, another player can spend a grudge token and put it on their card to represent suspicion or disbelief.

That way the Donna must decide if they can trust what the other players are telling them. Could add another element of storytelling and bluffing.

Either way, Family Matters looks like a blast to play.