G is for Good Times in Granite Gulch

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Ah, nothing like a rip-snortin’ western game! Good Times in Granite Gulch by Jason Mical has some incredible writing!

Again, like my post about All Fall Down, any words spent on tone and flavor must be used with the greatest care. GTGG spends the extra words in order to sell a mood, one of cowpoke wrasslin’ grit and gristle! I just love all of the flavor and word choice demonstrated here. Fantastic work.

The rules are straight forward and serviceable. Nothing too crazy, although using a deck of cards for a western game just FEELS right, and is worth the extra effort. Also I love how skills are all missing the last letter (wrasslin’, shootin’, lyin’), it looks like a blast to describe your character to the rest of the group and find ways to use your skills.

Great job, Jason, you’re a true rough-ridin’ cowboy.