H is for Hero Cop II: Death Sentence

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This is the sequel to “Hero Cop 1: My Happy Life”. This cliche filled funfest is written Hero Cop II: Death Sentence by Stephen Karnes. A game for exactly 4 players, each one has a specific role to fill and only a certain number of sentences to do it with.

Unlike most of the other games on this list, I think this one would be best played by post, or over a text chat. It requires players to carefully choose their words and their sentences; a very challenging game to play live.

Laid out like a play, each scene has specific motivations and roles. Each player rolls a die telling them how many sentences they have to explain their actions. In the end, the hero and villain have an intense roll-off ending in one-lines (where the die result is how many words you can speak).

Aside from the sentence requirements, I think this game works so well as play-by-post because it’s short. 30 mins and you’re done. A great game to try out or kill some time on a forum page; and I hope to see more games tackle this design space of short-focused play by post ideas.

Neat stuff! Thanks Stephen Karnes!