I is for Interns and Invaders

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Who doesn’t love a good job interview? What if your life was in danger? I’m not selling this game very well am I?

Interns and Invaders by Sheila Ayala Heady takes the boring slog of an office workday and provides the tools for a gripping adventure. You create your characters by answering a short job interview (ha!) and then must use those skills to escape some sort of horrible monster attack (double ha!).

If I were to GM a game like this I would have a Half-Life 1 kind of adventure where the players must escape the office building as monsters swarm and the place begins to fall down around them.  Maybe have them try to work with other employees to break into new areas of the build, repair elevators, etc. It could be a ton of fun!

Could be an interesting twist on a one-shot survival game.