J is for JukeBoxers

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Music->Artists->Songs->AllSongs->Shuffle->*click*…..Alright! Jukeboxers by Phil Rosen, my favorite!

Jukeboxers feels like it needed just a few more words to fully explain itself, but the core idea shines through nonetheless. While your song is playing the other players give traits just based on the song alone. Strength, friendship, fighting, lying, etc. Later, on your turn, you use the song and the traits given to describe your goals and how you accomplish them. Then you roll a number of dice equal to the traits you used.

if your result is high enough, you pull it off and narrate it. I love the idea of using music and picking songs, but what really makes it work is how the OTHER players assign traits. You might think your music is powerful and full of badassery, but if the other players assign traits like “trying too hard, emo, butt metal” then you might need to adjust your story a bit.

It’s a cool idea. I think playing this would be a fun way to share some of your favorite music. Sitting around listening to a song while thinking of applicable traits would probably be an interesting, meditative preparation to the story telling.