K is for Kintsugi

Every day (for the next 26 days) I’ll feature a 200 Word RPG along with some musings and comments. View the whole alphabet here.

Huh…this game looks a little familiar…oh wait, Kintsugi is one of mine! I hadn’t originally intended to do my own entry, but there are only TWO games that start with K, so I’ll give myself a pass.

Kintsugi was heavily inspired by Roll for Shoes, a little forum game by DWeird that had a shocking amount of popularity. I figured I could tweak it a bit to give some more structure, and Kintsugi was the result. Kintsugi also has the distinction of starting this who 200 Word phenomenon in the first place. Here’s the original post, and the rest is history!

My wife and I recently updated Kintsugi with some new artwork, a cleaner layout, and expended mechanics. Grab a copy and see for yourself how it has grown!