M is for MegaCorp

Every day (for the next 26 days) I’ll feature a 200 Word RPG along with some musings and comments. View the whole alphabet here.

To play this one you need a set of Scrabble tiles and a Jenga Tower. If you’re not curious, I can’t help you. MegaCorp by Ben Scerri rides the line between rpg and board game closer than most of the games in this alphabet.

I like the mechanics, and I think it’s clever that no one else sees the words you are trying to get them to say. To increase the role play elements, I would probably decide beforehand what our meeting is about, and how the words we made will affect the company. So if my word was “Lion”, I might talk about our secret project, codename LION was messed up by another board member and could endanger the company.

Also, the imagery of corporate executives greedily taking blocks from a crumbling tower just rings true. With the right group, MegaCorp would be fun and devious!