S is for Stop Reading to Lose

Every day (for the next 26 days) I’ll feature a 200 Word RPG along with some musings and comments. View the whole alphabet here.

I generally tried to avoid finalists in this challenge, but I wanted to make an exception with Stop Reading to Lose by Jesse Coombs. The content isn’t exactly my bag, and isn’t a story I’d like to imagine. But the format and the concept really grip me.

I don’t know of any other challenge that used the contest format as well as this one. As a website the user can scroll for a long way, encountering each sentence one at a time. This forces the reader to take some time in between the next prompt and think about it.

I love to see this kind of creativity and innovation. Jesse should be proud!

Also, it was amusing to hear Thomas Novosel‘s reaction when he tried to layout a physical copy. “To the person who made a 36 page entry….I hate you.” Thanks for your hard work Thomas!