Kintsugi (Free / $2)

A role-playing game where
failure only makes you stronger.

Create characters as you play, building them up through failure. Take risks, try new things! A fast, 2-page game perfect for wacky one-shots or short adventures.

As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. – Wikipedia

Grab the Game for $2.00
– All you need to play is a 6-sided die and some notecards
– Play as robots, golems, or zombies that learn from every mistake.
– Mission Generation Tables to help you get started
– Optional rules to make the game more or less complex
– Extensive examples and advice

Free Rules (Mobile-Friendly!)

What you need to play:
– A six-sided die (or dice roller app)
– A way to take notes (phone app / paper & pencil)
– One player who agrees to be the GM

Create your Robot/Mutant/Golem, and give them one skill: Do Anything (2)

When you attempt a difficult or dangerous action, roll the six-sided die against the relevant skill.

If you rolled the die Under or Equal to that skill, then you Succeed in your attempt!

▲ If you rolled the die Over that skill, then you Failed, causing more problems.

  • When you fail a `Do Anything` roll, You gain a new skill relevant to that action. New skills start at (3).
  • When you fail using a skill besides ‘Do Anything’, that skill increases by one. When a skill reaches (6), cross it out. You’re too damaged to use that skill any longer.

You can’t die. Take risks. Grow stronger!

Lauren tries to kick down a door. She doesn’t have a skill for that, so she uses her “Do Anything (2)” skill. Lauren rolls her die, and gets a three; failure!

She gains a new skill: Kicking (3)

She wanders back to the door, and tries again. Lauren rolls her die using her new skill “Kicking (3)”. She rolls a three again. Success! She breaks the door down.

Kintsugi | Written by David Schirduan | Released under CC-BY 4.0